Unexplainable Adventures Book – This book will teach your kids the things that schools don't.
A Self-Development Book For Kids & Teens

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In a captivating adventure that involves superhuman abilities, villains and friendship, Memphis must learn how to achieve his maximum potential. Unlike other books, this story helps children learn how to be better friends, how to influence those around them, and how navigate to a wider range of achievements.

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Dear Parents,

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of influential self-help books available for adults. So why aren’t there any available for children and teens? We spent years looking for helpful books we could give our kids and could not find too many. So we decided to create our own!

Unexplainable Adventures is a series of growth and development books geared specifically for children. This series is the first fictional, character-based novel that sheds light on children’s self-development principles and strategies, revolving around a select group of fictionalized child characters who possess extraordinary abilities.

Unlike most children’s self-development books, Unexplainable Adventures is written in fiction and revolves around a group of kids who develop superhuman abilities. But the superpowers the children possess are tied to self-development principles taught in some of the most helpful self-growth books. 

For instance, our first book borrows on the principles taught in some of the adults’ most influential self-development books. In the story, the main character develops telepathic powers. The “telepathic powers” he develops are closely related to the teachings in one of the most impactful communication books for adults. And he must learn to wield them to win friends and ultimately save his town from the antagonist. 

If you’ve read How To Win Friends & Influence People,
you will love this book, and so will your children.

Give Your Kids A Head Start ​

With this book, your kids will learn things like:

  • Secrets to navigating away from conflict and toward better outcomes.
  • How to be welcomed anywhere.
  • Uncover how to make awesome first impressions.
  • A simple way to be terrific communicators.
  • How to make people interested in them. 
  • How to be instantly likable.
  • The key to getting others to cooperate.
  • The art of constructive criticism. 
  • How to persuade others to make better decisions. 
  • How to be better listeners.

The story of

The Power Of Influence

When a destructive new virus sweeps across the nation, wreaking havoc on millions of children, a small-town mayor decides to use it as a launchpad to catapult his evil plan. Memphis, a young boy who is new in town, suddenly wakes up in the hospital and quickly notices that the effect of the virus has changed his life forever by giving him special abilities he could only imagine possible in comic books. 

When Memphis discovers the mayor’s evil plan, it is up to him and his newfound group of friends to save their small town, and ultimately the world. What Memphis doesn’t know is that some of the closest people around him may secretly be working with the evil mayor. Not everything is what it seems…

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The workbook contains age-appropriate projects, quizzes and puzzles that will help your child gain as many benefits from this book as possible. 

We’ve brought this fictional world to life with a SFX packed audio book designed with kids in mind! Now, you and your children can throw yourselves into this magical world on your daily commutes to school, the grocery store and grandma’s house!

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