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"A book that will teach kids what schools and TV don't. It's for super parents that are raising super children."

Meet The Authors

Danny Vega

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Danny Vega is a Christian, a husband to Maura, and a father to Desmond & Dean. A lifelong athlete, Danny played football at his alma mater, Columbia University. He then earned a master’s in Human Performance from the University of Florida. 

Danny runs his Fat Fueled Family business & podcast with his wife, Maura. Before he was a father, he read a book that would help him understand his role, once it eventually came. 

That book—‘Wild at Heart’—still holds true to this day. 

As a father, his goal is to raise courageous, virtuous men with high emotional intelligence and a desire to serve others.

Adrian Gonzalez

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An avid reader, Adrian Gonzalez graduated from The University of Miami in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in both Communications and Creative Writing. During his senior year at UM, he was one of only three students selected within the entire student body to work hand-in-hand with American novelist, M. Evelina Galang. 

He’s the oldest of four siblings. The youngest of his siblings, Brianna and Frankie, are the inspiration behind this book series. After searching for entertaining self development books geared for Brianna and Frankie, and not finding any available, he decided to write his own, based off of the most impactful books he has read, and continues to read. 

Adrian teamed up with super dad, Danny Vega to create a series of growth and development books geared specifically for children. The book series will be the first fictional, character-based, publication(s) that shed light on self-development principles and strategies for kids, all revolving around a select group of child characters who possess special abilities. 


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