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Interactive Workbook: 
We created this interactive workbook to give readers the tools and resources needed to apply the valuable principles taught within our book to real life. In addition to the critical thinking questions, the Funbook also contains puzzles, an appendix, and a self-strengthening checklist that readers should put into practice once they have finished reading.

With this book, your kids will learn things like:

  • Secrets to navigating away from conflict and toward better outcomes.
  • How to be welcomed anywhere.
  • Uncover how to make awesome first impressions.
  • A simple way to be terrific communicators.
  • How to make people interested in them. 
  • How to be instantly likable.
  • The key to getting others to cooperate.
  • The art of constructive criticism. 
  • How to persuade others to make better decisions.
  • How to be better listeners.

Inspiring The Minds Of Pre-Teens & Teens

Unlike most children’s self-development books, Unexplainable Adventures is written in fiction and revolves around a group of kids who develop superhuman abilities. But the superpowers the children possess are tied to self-development principles taught in some of the most helpful self-growth books. 

  • Ideal For Ages 11-16 
  • Kindle eBook, Audiobook & Paperback Available
  • Includes Bonus Interactive Workbook
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